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An African Celebration – on Wheels

Roller Sport South Africa proudly presented “An African Celebration – on wheels” on Saturday, July 8, 2023, at the Hammanskraal Sports Complex.

This sensational production, inspired by the vibrant spirit and rich history of Southern Africa, was an incredible achievement for roller skating in the country and the Isa Mother City Rollers are so grateful to have been involved in a small way.

An African Celebration on wheels is performed on Roller Skates in Gauteng

Directed and choreographed by Martin van Heerden and Wendy Gila, “An African Celebration – on wheels” seamlessly blended the worlds of sport and arts. Thirty-seven amateur skaters, ranging from 9 to 43 years old and representing five clubs from across the country, showcased their prowess in Artistic skating and Skateboarding.

Guests were treated to an immersive and family-friendly show that paid homage to South Africa’s local heritage. From traditional dances to iconic landmarks, the performance captured the diverse cultures of the country. What set this event apart was the remarkable dedication and talent of the local performers, many of whom had never before performed in front of a live audience. Months of tireless training and the support of local government and neighbouring Kwalata Game Lodge culminated in a performance that showcased the incredible potential of roller sports in South Africa.

Young skaters from Hammanskraal skating club perform in the Roller Sport South Africa show.

Our IMCR committee members, Andrea and Amy, were at the show helping backstage. Here’s what Andrea had to say: 

“‘An African Celebration on Wheels’ was an experience I will never forget! For 5 days, Amy and I worked behind the scenes with Wendy and RSSA and we learnt so much from the incredible skaters and families in Hammanskraal and skate clubs from around the country. Feeling very excited and positive about the future of roller skating in SA!”

Skateboarders perform tricks in the Roller Sport South Africa show.

Roller Sport South Africa, the national sports governing body dedicated to promoting and developing roller sports, continues to create opportunities for athletes to showcase their skills and inspire future generations. With a commitment to excellence and inclusivity, RSSA pushes the boundaries of what is possible in roller skating and skateboarding across the country.

Keamogetswe Masango performs on Roller Skates with Roller Sport South Africa

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