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Learn roller skating, artistic skating or roller dance with us!

In 2023, the club is offering classes to focus on improving different artistic skating and roller dance skills.
To join our classes, you must have your own quad roller skates. At the moment we are only teaching adult roller skaters.

Beginners learning how to roller skate with the Isa Mother City Rollers skate club,

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings in Gardens, Cape Town and focus on artistic skating skills, particularly those in the 5 tests that form Future Stars Level 1 from Roller Sport South Africa. These skills form the groundwork from which you will be able to progress.

Each class consists of warm-ups and stretches; skills drills; flow sequences to practice the skills together; a choreography sequence to show off your performance skills (and have some fun with synchronisation and group flows); and some open skate time.

Join us to:
– improve your artistic and dance skating
– feel yourself growing in confidence on 8 wheels
– put your skills together into choreography sequences
– learn routines to show off
– have fun skating with others

Skill Requirements:
– Ability to skate forwards unassisted
– Ability to stop without falling

Gear Requirements:
– Own skates
– Own safety gear (helmet, wrists, knees, elbows etc.) as needed
– Yoga mat / towel for stretches

A group of roller skaters pose

To join these classes, you must join the club as a member.

Members get first dibs on all class signups and it is the best way to build a consistent practise and join a community of enthusiastic roller dancers!

The once-off workshops we offer include

  1. Roller Dance workshops
  2. Beginner’s ‘Learn to Roll’ workshops (open to non-members)
  3. Group Choreography workshops

These are held intermittently throughout the year.

Past Courses:

Beginner Skate Skills
Beginner Skate Skills
Jam Skate II
Jam Skate II
Learn To Roll workshop
Learn to Roll
Jam Skate Workshop
Jam Skate Workshop
Shuffle skate workshop with Isa Mother City Rollers
Shuffle skate workshop with Isa Mother City Rollers.
Synchronised Skating Workshop (MEMBERS ONLY)
Synchronised Skating Workshop (MEMBERS ONLY)
Forwards EDGES Course (MEMBERS ONLY)
Learn To Roll Beginners Workshop
Roller Skaters outside Green Point Stadium in Cape Town

We also host open skate sessions in Green Point in front of the DHL Stadium on Monday evenings

  • All ages and all levels welcome.
  • You do not need to be a member to join.
  • Both quad roller skates and inline skates welcome.
  • Free.
  • Monday evenings, 5pm until sunset.
  • Location: follow directions to Green Point McDonalds Drive-through
  • A great smooth and large tar area, free from traffic and pedestrians. A supportive environment for newbies to meet other skaters.
  • Weather dependent. Check our Instagram for updates on the day.

To join in any of our classes (except Learn to Roll), you must sign up as a member of the Isa Mother City Rollers Skate Club.